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Last weekend, on March 29 and 30, the X International Seminar on the Evaluation of Didactic Matters was held in Bertamiráns (Ames); organized by the Cavila working group of Nova Escola Galega (NEG), in collaboration with the Stellae Research Group and other entities.

In this edition, the Seminar was entitled "What to do with robots in school and in homes?" And, as usual, a meeting space was created between the teaching staff and the educational community with the objective of favoring the analysis and critical use of, in this case, the robots in the nursery, primary and secondary education classrooms. Numerous professionals from education and families met, a successful attendance and participation that demonstrates the need and attention of the evaluation of the materials and the theme of this edition; As well as the need to continue with new editions.

In the framework of this seminar on evaluation of teaching materials, Almudena Alonso, member of the Stellae Group, gave the workshop "Resolution of problems in Early Childhood Education. Learning by playing with robots "where he opted for a critical perspective on the choice and incorporation of robots in education, encouraging teachers and families to evaluate the materials used.