The spinoff of the University of Santiago de Compostela DIMElab ( has won the Luísa Villalta Contest for cultural projects for equality organized by the Diputación de A Coruña with an interactive short film entitled "Tú Decides: Interactive Lives."

DIMElab got the maximum possible funding (20,000 euros) from the Provincial Council to give this project back this year. "You decide: interactive lives" will be an interactive short film in which the user is an active part of the story, having to decide what paths to take in a woman's life.

In this short viewers become active users to have to interact with the content. They will have the opportunity to try and choose between different possibilities that life offers to the protagonist of the short film, called Luísa (on a personal, educational, social, cultural, professional level ...), having as a challenge: to build Luísa's life project , trying to achieve its self-realization.

The story is divided mainly into three stages, coinciding with the childhood, youth and maturity of the life stages of the protagonist, and in which different options will be presented on the screen (moral, relationship with other characters, cultural, literary , etc), having to choose the user what they consider most suitable. In the interactive short film you will have to act as if you were Luísa, and depending on the decisions taken, the situations will vary and the endings will be different.

According to the decisions made throughout the short film, some of the themes that will be reflected are: the presence of women in positions of political, social, cultural and economic responsibility; wage discrimination; female unemployment; violence; problems of reconciliation of personal, work and family life; models of coexistence from a gender perspective; use of language and sexist content; acceptance of the body; stereotypes; among other contents.

Accompanying the short film, a didactic guide will be prepared for educational professionals who wish to use the resource in classrooms or in other social and educational equipments. The guide will include information, activities and recommendations for the correct pedagogical use of the resource.

On the other side of this, DIMElab will establish a calendar of socio-educational and cultural sessions performances with the resource, dramatized in a dramatized way by specialistsin education and dramatic art.

The aim of this project is to highlight the role of women in the cultural, historical and social terrain, as well as to develop awareness and understanding of the rights linked to gender equality and non-discrimination for reasons of sex.