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The team of the University of Vigo conformed by Martín Llamas Nistal, Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez, Fernando A. Mikic Fonte, Nuno Martins, Juan Manuel Santos Gago and Luis E. Anido Rifón will present the European project ADLES (Active digital learning environments in schools ) in the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

This project is driven by the concern to encourage active learning for the development of skills. The analysis of the current situation in each of the participant countries, in terms of: needs of teachers, students and other interested parties; It is translated into the proposal to work with teachers to implement active learning methodologies based on problems, with the support of an online platform. The platform includes a digital set that allows the production, storage, exchange and reuse of problems and challenges. So that students can experiment, collaborate and communicate; generating an extended and multinational learning community.

The presentation and testing of the platform will take place on Friday the 12th, at 4:00 pm, in room 8 (module A) of the Faculty of Educational Sciences; and participation is open to those who are interested in attending.