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The Stellae research group and members of the Autonomous University of Madrid, after the completion of the CDEPI project (Digital Competence in compulsory education students. Socio-family environments, appropriation processes and e-inclusion proposals) a book has just been published which has the title "Digital competence and pre-adolescence. The challenges of e-inclusion" edited by Síntesis and coordinated by Adriana Gewerc and Esther Martínez Piñeiro.

In it you can find 7 chapters that describe and narrate the digital life of 7 children aged 11 and 12 in the communities of Galicia and Madrid. A thorough qualitative study is carried out where the day-to-day contact with the technologies is shown, observing how, what and where they learn the skills necessary to feel partakers of the century in which they have to live.

The authors of the book are:

Adriana Gewerc

Esther Martínez Piñeiro

Lourdes Montero Mesa,

Fernando Fraga

Esther Vila

Eulogio Pernas

Helena Zapico

Ana Rodríguez Groba

Rosa Esteban

Ada Freitas

Moussa Boumadan

Carmen Andrés

Joaquín Paredes

Pablo Sánchez

Almudena Alonso-Ferreiro

Boris Vázquez-Calvo

Uxía Fernández Regueira

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