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The journal "Revista Colombiana de Educación", biannual publication of the Office of the Project Management Sub-Directorate — Research Center — of Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (Colombia), requests articles for a dossier on "Videogames and Education. Research, trends and opportunities". This dossier has, as invited editors, members of the GI Stellae and University of Santiago de Compostela: Jesús Rodríguez-Rodríguez and Silvia López-Gómez.

This dossier is intended to publish results of scientific research related to video games as educational media, as well as studies that deepen their development and analysis. Specifically, it aims to address issues such as:

  • Videogames: educational opportunities and risks.
  • Videogames and learning.
  • Serious Games: design, implementation and analysis.
  • Pedagogical design of video games.
  • Architecture, development processes and tests of video games for education.
  • Effects of video games on students with diversity.
  • Video games and physical activity of the students.
  • Use of video games in education.
  • Research on video games on the international scene.
  • Current trends and methodological approaches in videogame research.
  • Training related to video games (teachers, students, families).
  • Analysis of the content of serious games or educational video games.
  • Design, development, evaluation and use of videogames in educational contexts (educational centers, universities, museums, social centers ...)
  • Videogames in educational curricula.

The deadline to upload contributions to the magazine platform is: September 30th, 2020.

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The journal is indexed in Scopus.

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