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The book Caminos y derivas para otra investigación educativa y social has been published under the coordination of Juana María Sancho Gil, Fernando Hernández and Hernández, Lourdes Montero Mesa (member of Stellae), Juan de Pablos Pons, José Ignacio Rivas-Flores and Almudena Ocaña Fernández; at the Octaedro publishing house.

This text is one of the contributions of the REUNI + D network, made up of eleven research groups in the field of education from different universities, among which is the Stellae research group.

Throughout its 19 chapters, they are considered ontoepistemological, methodological and ethical positions little known in educational and social research, while sharing diverse methodological perspectives, beyond the reductionist dualisms “qualitative” and “quantitative”.



Additional information on the book's index, text and authors can be found at the following link: