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Uxía Regueira and Ángela González-Villa, PhD students from the Stellae Research Group, attended the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) organized by the EERA (European Educational Research Association) held between August 22 and 25, in Yerevan (Armenia).


The congress began on August 22 and 23 with the Conference of Emerging Researchers (ECR) where the youngest researchers present their doctoral theses, reflect on current practices in educational research and learn about trends in this field at an international level. In this space, both doctoral students presented together with their director communications derived from their doctoral theses:

  • Uxía Regueira and Adriana Gewerc: Process of learning to participate in virtual environments and gender identity. A case study of young people in Galicia
  • Ángela González Villa and Adriana Gewerc: Disclosure on Social Networks and Subjectivity in Adolescence: a Systematic Literature Review

Together with other members of the Stellae Research Group, they participated in the European Conference on Educational Research, held from 23 to 25  August, with communications derived from the first advances in the EDIGA  research project (Digital Environments and Gender Identities in Adolescence). The communications were presented in the Gender and Education  network addressing the construction of the research instrument and the state of the matter:

  • Uxía Regueira, Adriana Gewerc, Esther Martinez-Piñeiro and Esther Vila-Couñago presented the paper: Gender identity in adolescence and practices in digital environments: Design and validation of a questionnaire
  • Ángela González Villa, Uxía Regueira and Adriana Gewerc: Subjects, Digital Artefacts and Gender Identity: a Systematic Literature Review