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Information about SEP 2016, the XVI National Congress and VII Iberoamerican Congress of Education: Democracy and Education in the XXI century (Faculty of Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, from 28 to 30 June 2016).  

The research group Stellae participates in Stellae SEP 2016 as part of the University Network for Educational Research and Innovation (REUNI+D) with the following "strategic guidelines":

  • Multimodal and participative methodologies.
  • Research networks and practice.
  • Environments, cultures and identities in the digital education.

We invite all those interested in participating in SEP 2016 to enroll in one of those three lines in the time of present their contribution:  

At present, already opened registration for sending contributions to Congress (please consult the "Contributions" section of the web SEP 2016). We stand out that the Scientific Committee will select the 15 best proposals for papers to be sent before January 10, 2016, for publication in the journal Bordon. More information in: