Dijital Divide

Dijital Divide
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  • beatriz

    I think that this digital divide is the result of society problems, of course and maybe economic problems are the most important on this digital divide, but also educational problems, and living problems are important. All the countries around the world have digital divide, but you cant put standard prices for everybody, you have to be realist and in this society the companys want win money and be better than the others, one nokia 3210 is cheaper but one Apple....how much??  money moves the world, it is so bad but it is sometimes the real situation in most of the countries. The goverments can offer infrastructure, investiment and national policies for the population and for society and try to belittle this situation but always will be digital divide, maybe less, but always, i think.

  • okan

    First of all, thanks for your comment , As you say  we should concern educational and living problems in this situation .  They are important reasons of dijital divide. In addition you are right,  it is very diffucult to  put standard prices for everyone and digital divide always will exist in the world.