2- Explanation Of Distance Education: Revisión

2- Explanation Of Distance Education

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Before all I would like to share explanation of this term, What is Distance education ?

With a simple and pellucid explanation we can say that Distance education is Accessing to education easily without any physical interaction. By Distance education İndividuals can access to education easily.

İn the distance education the  individuals can Access to information withhout any physical interaction from their own places. And this situation is the biggest advantages of Distance education.  İnformation technologies and the Internet can offer us this opportunity. We can accept this as a gift of the technologie. İn world of these days Distance education Become widespread in the all around world because of its advantages. if we check out we can say that distance education  can provide us a good education with different advantages.  For example : The people who are separated by physical location from an education place  can be educated very well by Distance education. The students who aren't located near a education instituon  or who can't  attend to classes Daily, can  access to education easily Distance learning can provide an awesome platform to people for learning. Obviously Distance education is one of the biggest developments of twent-first century.