3- The biggest helper of the busy people: Revisión

3- The biggest helper of the busy people

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As I wrote in the tittle, Distance education can be the biggest helper of the busy people. İn the world of these days in the society people are full of responsibilities. Most people must work while studying. Most people can not pay enough attention to education activities. Because for a person who works, it is difficult to attend traditional classrooms. And in such a situation Distance Education can be a good helper for people. As I said before 

İn the distance education : By Using of information technologies and internet, the  individuals can Access to information easily without any physical interaction. Now lets imagine a person who is working hard in  a shop. İf we look at  superficially , we can say that :  For him it is impossible to study..  because he doesnt have any time to attend to traditional classrooms. But in the real, it is not impossible to study for him, By distance education that person can access to education.  Because by distance education The people who are separated by physical location from an teacher can be educated very well. And also The students who aren't located near a education instituon  or who can't  attend to classes Daily, can be educated by  distance learning .           

Distance learning can provide an awesome platform to people for learning. By this  platform , if the people   work and  they want to study,  distance Education can be a big solution. İn addition, distance education can be a big solution for the people who dont have  time or Money  to attend traditional schools. İn conclusion we can say that Distance education is the biggest helper of the bust people.