7 - İn Conclusion: Revisión

7 - İn Conclusion

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İn conclusion it must be said that : Distance education is a great progess İn the education. Distance education brings to individuals a lot different fecileness and advantages. We should accept that  distance education is a big Technological development for future of the education. Especially nowdays there is a big  İncrease İn using of Distance education.  Some people says that one day distance education will be more important then traditional classrooms. Maybe one day distance education can be as important as tradinational classroms. But it is difficult to be more important then Traditional classrooms.  Moreover distance education  can offer to individuals theoretical  informations but in the  practical part it is not really sufficient. And also the people concern importance of physical interaction in the education. And this makes the traditional classrooms more important  .  but anyway  Distance education always will be a great helper to improve learning. Finally it can be said that : With its Advantages and fecileness Distance education is one of the most important terms of the education.