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İn this Work, I would like to delevop my previous studies about Distance education and I will try to explain some concepts more detailed. İn addition I will inform you about History  and  main advantages of Distance Education by examples. Moreover  I will inform you about general situation of Distance Education İn turkey. And Finally I would like to share my ideas about it more detailed.


First of all the World changed some much and we are living in a very different  World. Some people says to our age "Techology Age" Us we understand from the Name İn  the World of these days technology has  an important role in all areas of the human life :  İn Health sector , İn Transport Systems, İn Agriculture and İndustry etc. we can see influence of the technologie. İf we check out we can see that   İn the education activities technologie is used widely too. İn the world of these days it is used widely in teaching and learning activities . İn addition by new developments of the technology some new terms shop up, and one of them is  Distance Learning lets see together what is Distance education.