5- Main Advantages of Distance Education

5- Main Advantages of Distance Education

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Distance education has a lot of different Advantages for the individuals, These advantages are :

- By distance learning education can be more pleasurable by some learning activities. And also after the courses students can make self- testing. Final of the self-testing if the students want they can repeat the course, Obviously Chance of repeating is a big advantage of the distance education.

-By distance learning, The people  are able to   work and study in the same time,  Flexibility of the hours gives to people this opportunity.

-By distance learning courses, students can complete  their courses from their houses or from  whereever they want, a  computer and internet connection is enough to follow courses. . Because of this situation the students can work and study in the same time. 

-The people can   save  their time and energy by distance education .  İn the Daily life some people can live far away of their schools.  İf the distance is too much and transportation  systems are undeveloped, it is very difficult to access to education for some people and by distance learning   people can access to education easily,  by this way they can save their time and Money

 -People can have different minds and paces everybody can not learn equally.  Obvioulsy  the people dont  have the  same pace of learning.  For some students it can take too much time to learn a new thing but for another student it can take a short time. One of the biggest advantages of distance learning is that : courses  can be recorded and the students can watch them over and over again, by this way if they cant understand in the first time, they can  repeat the courses.

-An another advantages is that : these courses are cheaper as compared to traditional clases and schools . First of all the students dont have to pay Money for transportation systems  to go to education  instituons.

-On the other hand, İn the classroom the students need so many tools, books etc. But in the online enrivonment   students can  access to study materials online whenever they  want. they can access to a huge library sources of information , statistics, graphics , sound files , videos and other datas easily.

-İf we look at from a very different side we can say that : İn all around the World there are some people and these people  have  some socio-psychologic problems, they are isoleted from  society and they dont want to have relations with society.  İn this situation, distance education is a big  helper for them. By distance learning these people can Access to education smoothly.  And also we should take it into consideration :  Distance education is  a big opportunity for ill students too.  For example, there is a student who has got a illness. But He can attend to classes from the hospital bed,