6 - History of Distance education - General situation in Turkey

Distance education studies can be traced back more than 200 years years old. 

For example: İn 1728  İn the Bostan Newspaper, there were  some advertisements which tell that:  Shorthand courses are given  by Letter. İn addition  In the 1890s, İn Australia,  the campus of the University of Queensland  made a  short distance eduation programm. A similar program was made at Columbia University in the 1920s. İn the 1930s radio was used as a distance education tool in a lot of university.

And İn the World of these days,  because of  technological advances,  floppy disks, video tapes, CD-ROM, satellite broadcasts, video conferencing and the Internet are used in the  distance programms 

Now I would like to talk about the general situation of Distance learning İn turkey: 

Turkey is a devoloping country, these developments are becoming in the education too. Especially in the last years a lot of University is working in order to implement Distance education.  İn these days there are a lot of different projects

One distance education project is YÖKDİL, this Project is organized by Ministry of education. This project aims to contribute to foreign language of the student who are studying in the university. İn this platform there are alternative exercises in order to improve different language skills by listening and reading.

In Turkey I am studying in ANADOLU university, and also my university has a distance education program too. Today Anadolu university has more then  1.700.000 students by Distance education programm. And also there are more then 1.500.000 graduates. 

Actually  İn Turkey especially Since 2013 distance education is given over 60 Universities at levels of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate. But unfortunatelly in turkey Distance education isnt at the desired level compated to most european country.