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  • okan ha creado la página 7 - İn Conclusion
    İn conclusion it must be said that : Distance education is a great progess İn the education. Distance education brings to individuals a lot different fecileness and advantages. We should accept that  distance education is a big Technological...
  • Distance education studies can be traced back more than 200 years years old.  For example: İn 1728  İn the Bostan Newspaper, there were  some advertisements which tell that:  Shorthand courses are given  by Letter. İn...
  • okan ha creado la página 5- Main Advantages of Distance Education
    Distance education has a lot of different Advantages for the individuals, These advantages are : - By distance learning education can be more pleasurable by some learning activities. And also after the courses students can make self- testing. Final...
  • okan ha creado la página 3- The biggest helper of the busy people
    As I wrote in the tittle, Distance education can be the biggest helper of the busy people. İn the world of these days in the society people are full of responsibilities. Most people must work while studying. Most people can not pay enough attention...
  • okan ha creado la página 2- Explanation Of Distance Education
    Before all I would like to share explanation of this term, What is Distance education ? With a simple and pellucid explanation we can say that Distance education is Accessing to education easily without any physical interaction. By Distance...
  • okan ha creado la página 1 - İntroduction
    İn this Work, I would like to delevop my previous studies about Distance education and I will try to explain some concepts more detailed. İn addition I will inform you about History  and  main advantages of Distance Education by examples....
  • okan ha creado la página A more broad overview on Distance Education

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