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  • 7 - İn Conclusion

    ...ld accept that  distance education is a big Technological develo...le says that one day distance education will be more important then t...n can be as important as tradinational classroms. But it is difficult...f physical interaction in the education. And this makes the tradition...

  • 2- Explanation Of Distance Education

    ...tion we can say that Distance education is Accessing to education eas...ion İndividuals can access to education easily. İn the distance of these days Distance education Become widespread in the all...learning. Obviously Distance education is one of the biggest develop...

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  • Finnish National Board of Education

    Para todos aqueles interesados no sistema educativo finés velaí vai un bo recurso no que obter información e datos estadísticos fiables. Aquí poderedes acceder á historia do sistema educativo, ás políticas educativas finesas, cómo son...

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