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  • Andy Hargreaves

    Andy Hargreaves[1] Es el titular de la Cátedra de Educación "Thomas More Brennan", de la Lynch School of Education del Boston College. La misi&o..., en 1987, en el Ontario Institute for Studies in Educatio...

  • La tecnología para mi. Personalmente, pienso que la tecnología es imprescindible en la...

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  • 7 - İn Conclusion

    İn conclusion it must be said that : Distance education is a great progess İn the education. Distance education brings to...ld accept that  distance education is a big Technological develo...le says that one day distance education will be more important then t...f physical interaction in the educatio...

  • 2- Explanation Of Distance Education

    Before all I would like to share explanation of this term, What is Distance education ? With a simple and pellucid...ion İndividuals can access to education easily. İn the distance of these days Distance education Become widespread in the all...learning. Obviously Distance educatio...

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