One more year the course ends and in the subject Educational Technology of the 3rd year of the degree of Pedagogy, an SCAPE ROOM experience was lived. The students in groups had to solve clues and problems related to the contents taught during the course in order to open the door and continue on their way. An experience was a metaphor for the journey made during the semester and  represents issues that in this subject are fundamental premises: the need to recover the desire to learn, the opening of contents and methodologies in the cultural context of contemporary social practices.
The project that carries out the subject, within the framework of the innovation group Stellae innova, includes the configuration of the class group in a community in the Stellae social network. An experience  helps them to understand the value of the collective for the construction of knowledge and to evaluate by first hand the possibilities and limitations of technological environments.

The last class of the subject was an exciting and stimulating experience at the same time, both for the faculty that counted on the valuable collaboration from two ex-students for its design and implementation: Uxía Fernández Regueiro and Ángela González Villa and for the students.