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Esther Vila Couñago, member of the USC Stellae Research Group, together with Yésica Teijeiro Bóo and Rita Gradaílle Pernas, of the USC SEPA-Interea Research Group, have just published an article in number 33 of the Social Prism Magazine. Her work entitled "Conciliation and confinement with children with specific educational support needs: the maternal role" analyzes the reality of 127 families with descendants with specific needs throughout the confinement suffered in Spain between the months of March and May 2020, the cause of Covid-19
How they reconciled their work, family, and personal times becomes brownish. The results show differences according to the mother's educational level and working conditions. This research reveals a low level of conciliation in general, where the monitoring of school tasks was the main factor that made it difficult to articulate the daily times. One of the main conclusions that emerges from this study is the need to improve conciliation actions from a perspective of more community co-responsibility.