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Dr. Paula Sibilia will be with the Stellae research group, in online mode, next January 14 and 21 to give the seminar “Extimity and self-practice. From the surveillance society to the control society ”.

Paula Sibilia is a argentine essayist and researcher living in Rio de Janeiro. She graduated in Communication and Anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), did a master's in Communication (UFF), a doctorate in Collective Health (IMS-UERJ) and another in Communication and Culture (ECO-UFRJ). She is dedicated to the study of contemporary cultural issues from a genealogical perspective, particularly considering the relationships between bodies, subjectivities, technologies, and media or artistic manifestations. And, since 2006, she is a professor in the Department of Cultural and Media Studies, as well as the Graduate Program in Communication at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF).

This seminar is part of a training cycle that the Stellae R.G. began as a result of the EDIGA project, Digital Environments and Gender Identities in Adolescence, in which she has delved into the work of authors such as Foucault, Deluze and Guattari. Together with Dr. Paula Sibilia, a further step will be taken in the construction of this theoretical framework, to which she has contributed with works such as Intimacy as a show or The postorganic man: Body, subjectivity and digital technologies.

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