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Dr. Daniel Saur will develop two weeklies in the Stellae Research Group, through the TEAMS platform, on April 22 and 29 under the label: "Appropriations and theoretical uses in research on significance. Specific cases and exercises". He holds a PhD in Science with a specialty in educational research. His main lines of research revolve around Higher Education from the political analysis of discourse. He currently works at the Research Center of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the National University of Córdoba (Argentina).

This seminar is part of the training cycle that the Stellae Research Group has been developing with the project Digital Environments and Gender Identities in Adolescence (EDIGA). Working with different methodological strategies for the advancement of research is proposed, such as virtual ethnography with Dr. Elisenda Ardévol or work with images with Dr. Isaac Marrero. This seminar with Daniel Saur will be an opportunity to deepen the analysis of qualitative data from specific cases. A perspective that will help enrich the different research works that are being developed now.


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