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On September 21 and 22, a meeting of university professors was held in tribute to Professor Antonio Bolívar at the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Granada, attended by Lourdes Montero and Fernando Fraga from the Stellae Research Group in the research goup of SEPA Group members José Antonio Caride and Felipe Trillo. In the format of conferences, it has been discussed about what Professor Bolívar's contributions to the educational field have meant throughout his university career.

At the meeting, a tribute book entitled "Commitment to educational improvement. Tribute to Professor Antonio Bolívar." was presented.  Lourdes Montero has participated with a chapter entitled "Identity and Professional Development, two intertwined processes". Fernando Fraga with Felipe Trillo has also participated with a chapter entitled "Unwanted effects of the LOMLOE: from reasonable general training competences to the absurdity of a taxonomy of specific operational behaviors"

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