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The VIII Conference on Educational Materials and Resources will be held on 16 and 23 November at the Faculty of Education Sciences (Campus Vida) in the afternoon. In this new edition, the focus will be on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Galician Journal of Education (RGE), the Infanci@ Digit@l project and the presentation of different books and educational resources. The older ones, the attendees will have the pleasure of seeing and listening to Jaume Martínez Bonafé (Universitat de València) and Pilar Sampedro Martínez (GALIX, NEG).

On 16 November, under the title "The application of Artificial Intelligence in teaching materials", USC professor and member of Stellae Silvia López Gómez, will provide attendees with examples of AI tools for the creation of materials and will propose a collaborative challenge to be developed during the day. This will be followed by the 3rd Seminar of the Revista Gallega de Educación, which will be given by different members of the editorial board team, including the director Ana Parada Gañete.

The presentation of the Infancia@ Digit@l project will open the day on 23 November. This is a project in which research teams from three autonomous communities participated: the Canary Islands, Galicia and Valencia. This work analysed the technical and pedagogical characteristics of digital teaching resources and materials (MDD) aimed at children in the second cycle of Infant Education, as well as the uses and practices developed with them both in the school and family context. The presentation will be given by the following members of Stellae who participated in the project: Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez Rodríguez (Principal Researcher), Silvia López Gómez and José Pablo Franco López, also a lecturer at the Faculty of Education Sciences (USC). In addition, the lecturers and researchers Montserrat Castro Rodríguez (UDC), Camino Pereiro González (CPI Plurilingüe Virgen de la Celda) and Ana Rodríguez Guimeráns (USC) will also take part in the event.

The tribute book to Jaume Martínez Bonafé, entitled: "Discusiones actuales alrededor de él libro de texto escolar" (editorial Octaedro) will be presented. Jaume himself is expected to be present telematically.

Finally, Pilar Sampedro Martínez will present different resource guides for inclusion and equality, environment and SDGs.

This conference is organised by the CAVILA group of the New Galician School (NEG) and has the collaboration of the GI Stellae and the Commission of Culture and Linguistic Normalisation of the Faculty of Education Sciences (USC). They are free of charge and do not require prior registration.


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