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On November 10, a meeting organized by the Telecommunications Research Center of the University of Vigo in collaboration with the Spanish Chapter and the Portuguese Chapter of the IEEE Education Society was held, which was called "Serious Games in Education". In hybrid mode, it allowed face-to-face or telematic attendance. At the meeting, multiple experiences of work in this modality were presented, as well as the experience of the Stellae Research Group through the participation of Silvia López-Gómez and Fernando Fraga-Varela. On Silvia's part, she gave an account of the experiences in the design, use and evaluation of serious games, with special emphasis on the latest publications in this regard, both in the Galician Journal of Education ( ) and the monograph nº 84 and 85 in the Colombian Journal of Education ( ) or the book Videogames and educational opportunities ( ), among others. On the part of Fernando Fraga, research experiences were shared in educational centers evaluating their implementation and benefits in normalized school spaces , an analysis work from the gender perspective ( ) as well as the implications in the Professional Development of Teachers ( ) He also showed the projection of this work in the eProFun Project, in which he also with the collaboration of research staff from the atlanTTic center from University of Vigo.


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