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Yesterday, April 25th, Ana Rodríguez Groba defended the doctoral thesis Enseñanza con redes sociales y aprendizaje autorregulado: un estudio de caso en la universidad,directed by Adriana Gewerc Barujel and Esther Martínez Piñeiro.

The research proposes to identify, describe and understand the learning processes regulating that the university students put in place in a subject that combines the stage with the use of a vertical social network in teaching.

The most significant results refer to the motivation in both scenarios; the influence of self-regulation skills with which students arrive at the university; as these are adapted to the contents, strategies and proposals to which they have not previously faced; And they outline the teaching role as fundamental.



The thesis has obtained the qualification of outstanding as Laude by the court formed by Lourdes Montero, senior fellow of the University of Santiago de Compostela; Antonio Moreira Teixeira, professor of the Universidade Aberta (Portugal) and Jesús  Valverde  Berrocoso, from the University of Estremadura.