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Adriana Gewerc and Virginia Rodés Pragarimo, members of the Stellae Research Group, participate in the Praxis 2 Project (redesign in the training of teachers through digital technology), which was launched on March 8th.

The project is funded by the National Agency for Research and Innovation (Uruguay) and the teachers' association of the Regional Center for Teachers of the Center, the Virtual Learning Environments Program of the Teaching Sector Commission, the Open Educational Resource Center and Accessible from the University of the Republic  (Uruguay) and by the Department of Digital Technologies of Education Training of the Education Training Council (TD-CFE)
It is a continuity of Praxis I and aims at the development of open educational practices, and is situated in learning,
action research and  communities of CERP professors. Including teachers of didactics, natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, language, as well as  subjects of the Common Vocational Training Nucleus.