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Jesús Rodríguez, Rosa Mª Vicente and Antía Cores are the coordinators, with Guilherme Gabriel Romanelli (Federal University of Paraná), of the latest monograph that the Latin American Journal of Educational Technology (RELATEC, vol. 18, nº 2) has published last month from December.

In this monograph, a total of eight articles on the digital teaching materials of Musical Education are collected and this theme is addressed at different levels and teaching regimes: Primary Education, Secondary Education, university education and special and conservatory. Likewise, contributions from international researchers are collected with the articles by Yoo Ji Hwang and Beatriz Ilari of the University of California (USA), Guilherme Gabriel Romanelli of the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil) and Vânia Marieta Pereira Ferreira of the Alberto School Association Sampaio (Portugal).

We leave here the link with which you can access the different articles:

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of a music-technology intervention base on TPACK and PBL in the initial formation of High-School music teachers. Jesús Tejada and Tomás Thayer.
  • Primary teachers’ perception of digital musical didactic materials. Rosa María Vicente Álvarez, Antía Cores Torres and Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez.
  • Music Teachers’Use of Online Video Platforms (OVPs) in Lesson Design and Instruction. Yooji Hwang and Beatriz Ilari.
  • Between printed and digital: perspectives on textbooks and educational media for music education in Brazil. Guilherme Gabriel Romanelli.
  • Repositories of digital musical materials of open character in Portugal. Vânia Marieta Pereira Ferreira.
  • Application of the “Alexander Technique” in violin and viola classrooms. Analysis of its impact through audiovisual materials. Lucía Echeverría de Miguel and Ángel San Martín Alonso.
  • Impact of the use of audiovisual materials for the learning of traditional dances in the training of university students. Carol Gillanders, José Eugenio Rodríguez Fernández and Raúl Eirín Nemiña.
  • Analysis of cultural transmission in music textbooks of Primary Education. Clara Martínez Delgado.

Revista Relatec 182