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Uxía Regueira and Almudena Alonso-Ferreiro, members of Stellae ,with Sergio Da-Vila, have published the article " Women on YouTube: Representation and participation through  the Web Scraping technique

It analyses the presence of women, as producer and consumer on YouTube. Being the platform one of the new participation spaces and the most frequented by tweens and teenagers.

The results show the poor female representation among the channels with the highest number of views and subscribers, as well as a smaller female audience presence.  Both roles are mostly associated with stereotypical content, but it is content linked to the female stereotype that has less recognition.

The study shows that YouTube, a platform representative of the new online participation spaces, reproduces the gender power structures of traditional media and calls for a critical media education that fights sexist representations, stereotypes and insufficient female representation in public spaces.

This is framed in the monograph Gender Equality, Media and Education: A necessary global alliance, that will be published in the 63rd of the Revista Comunicar, but to which you already have access in the link:

Monografico comunicar