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The Ibero-American Journal of Learning Technologies (IEEE-RITA) has just published its second volume of the monograph "Challenges to the educational field: Digital competence", under the coordination of Adriana Gewerc Barujel, coordinator of the Stellae, Donatella Persico and Virgina Research Group Rodés-Paragarino, also a member of the Stellae Research Group.
This second volume publishes the article by Ana Rodríguez-Groba, Esther Martínez-Piñeiro and Ángela González-Villa, members of the Stellae Research Group called “Lights and shadows in the e-communication of Galician pre-teens”. The article shows the latent gaps in the communicative dimension of digital competence in students in the last year of primary education, the difficulty in transferring this learning between contexts, gender differences and the crucial role that the family plays in this process. This study is supported by the CDEPI project “Digital competence in compulsory education students. Socio-family environments, appropriation processes and e-inclusion proposals”, developed between 2015 and 2018 in the Stellae Research Group.


This recently published number is the continuity of Volume I that makes up the monograph and is composed of nine articles that cover significant topics related to digital competence, grouped as follows: five of them focus on the digital competence of future teachers and professors in exercise; two articles ―one of them that of our colleagues―address the digital skills of children and adolescents; another delves into written argumentation and its relationship with digital competence; and finally, one of them studies the relationships between technologies, gender and workspace.

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