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Ana Rodríguez Groba and Virginia Rodés Paragarino, members of the Stellae group, obtain the 2018-2019)  in the area of Social and Legal Sciences. These awards are announced by the International Doctoral School (EDIUS) of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

  • Ana Rodríguez Groba's dissertation, directed by Adriana Gewerc and Esther Martínez Piñeiro (both from the Stellae group), is entitled “Teaching with social networks and self-regulated learning. A case study at the university”. The research analyzes the processes of self-regulation of learning, of the university student in mixed teaching environments (which use social networks in the context of Higher Education). It is published openly and you can access it through the following link:
  • Virginia Rodés Paragarino's dissertation, directed by Adriana Gewerc (Stellae) and Martín Llamas (UVigo), entitled "A grounded theory on the adoption of repositories and open educational resources in Latin American universities" analyzed the dimensions of the adoption of Open Educational Resources (REA) and the REA Repositories (RREA) by professors from Latin American universities. You can obtain all the information through this link, where it is published openly:


Ana Rodríguez Groba (left) y Virginia Rodés Paragarino (right)