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Uxía Regueira and Ana Rodríguez-Groba participated in the talks "The voices of research: experiences in qualitative research" at the Universidad Iberoamericana of Puebla (Mexico) that took place on June 8.

Their interventions focused on presenting two research projects that are being developed within the Stellae Group:
-The first, the EDIGA Project, specifically focused on the second phase of the same, qualitative. It focuses on the analysis of the data obtained up to now, through different case studies.
-Secondly, the theoretical framework and methodological proposal of Uxía Regueira's thesis was addressed, a presentation entitled: "Phenomenography of interaction in digital platforms of Galician adolescent women: opportunities for participation and learning". Again, emphasizing again a qualitative methodology and showing the data obtained until now.

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Some pictures of the event


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