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For some years now, one of the lines of research opened in the Stellae Research Group has focused on video games, serious games and gamification. Recently, some of these works have been collected by companies in the sector in the United States. The works cited, developed by Fernando Fraga-Varela, Esther Vila-Couñago, Ana Rodríguez-Groba and Esther Martínez, have to do with the impact on mathematical performance in Primary Education with the use of this type of proposals:

Research from a gender perspective is also cited.

The company that collects these works from its website is Explorelearning.

It is a company specialized in the development of educational software solutions with a high degree of presence in the country's schools at the different levels of compulsory schooling. It belongs to the Cambium Learning Group ( ), which integrates proposals such as Kurzweil Education and Lexia, among others.