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The 10th of April was an afternoon marked by innovation and debate on the role of technology in education, with the presentation of the book ‘Videojuegos y oportunidades educativas. Orientaciones para su diseño, análisis y uso’. The event took place in the setting most in line with the theme of the book: the Video Game Museum of Cangas do Morrazo (MUVI), where experts in the field of video games and education gathered to share their ideas on the potential of these and the prejudices that are normally associated with them.

The book, coordinated by Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez, Silvia López Gómez (University of Santiago de Compostela), Diana Marín Suelves and Isabel Vidal Esteve (University of Valencia), offers a comprehensive view of the potential of video games as educational tools. From their design to their implementation in the classroom, providing practical guidelines to make the most of this form of digital entertainment in the teaching-learning process.

During the presentation, the coordinators of the book shared their reflections on the importance of rethinking education in the digital era and the need to adapt teaching methodologies to the new technological realities. They also highlighted the relevance of understanding video games not only as forms of entertainment, but also as tools capable of fostering critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration among students.

For more information, please visit the following link to the Código Cero website, where they also reported on this news.