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Cabreiros once again becomes the stage for the XX Rural Intergenerational Days: Learning with Our Elders, which will be held on May 25 and June 1, 8, and 14. This event, which has become a must for the community, seeks to promote intergenerational coexistence and highlight the Galician rural context and its unique dynamics.
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On May 25, the inauguration day, the activities revolved around the figure of Luisa Villalta, honored in the 2024 Galician Literature Day, with various activities to highlight her legacy and contribution to Galician culture. Additionally, the 20th anniversary of the event was celebrated with great participation from the younger generations.
On June 1, the next meeting date, the event will focus on discussions and colloquiums on different aspects of the material and cultural heritage of the municipality of Galicia. Furthermore, the new issue of the Galician Education Magazine, dedicated to intergenerationality, the central theme of these days, will be presented.
On June 8, the same structure will be followed, focusing on the presentation of projects and books related to intergenerational and rural themes. It will be an opportunity to closely explore innovative initiatives and recent publications addressing these topics.

Finally, on June 14, the event will close with a morning dedicated to traditional Galician games. This closing day will be a celebration of cultural roots and an invitation to keep traditions alive through the active participation of all generations.
The community of Cabreiros and all the organizing entities, including the University of Santiago de Compostela, Nova Escola Galega, the College of Social Educators of Galicia, the Xermade City Council, among others, invite everyone to participate in these significant days for our land. It is a unique opportunity to learn, coexist, and enjoy the riches of the Galician rural environment in an atmosphere of respect and intergenerational collaboration. We look forward to seeing you!
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