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Silvia López Gómez

ORCID ID  0000-0002-5256-0793

Professional Profile

Silvia López Gómez has a degree in Pedagogy, with a Master's degree in Training Processes by the University os Santiago de Compostela. Specialist in Design and Creation of Multimedia: usability and interactivity by the UOC and in Design, development and orientation of on-line grades by the UCM. She has, aswell, a post-graduate in Dramatic Art.

Nowadays she combines the development of her thesis with professional work as game designer. It's important to remark that she has been working for 10 years in companies relationated with technology, games and education, coordinating work teams and working in fields like design, development and evaluation of serious educational and training games, digital aplications for the empowement of healthy habits and ethics, as well as programs of gamification among other labors.

Along her career she has been part of the development team of more than half a hundred of video games and interactive teaching materials.

She also has been teaching in courses and conferences for the students, teachers and families related with the use of technology. She is a memeber of Stellae Reseach Group (USC), as well as part of the Research Group of Educational Materials CAVILA (Movimiento de Renovación Pedagógica "Nova Escola Galega")