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Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez

Office :47


ORCID ID  0000-0003-4194-2574

Address:Rúa Xosé María Suárez Núñez. (C.Sur) 15782 Santiago De Compostela (A Coruña)

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Professional Profile

He is a teacher and pedagogue and currently plays his teaching role as Full Professor of the Department of Didactics and School Organization (University of Santiago de Compostela). He teaches in the subjects of Design and Evaluation of Didactic Materials and Experiences and Resources in Social Education. He is a Doctor of Education Sciences with the Thesis "The printed curriculum materials and the Educational Reform in Galicia", with which he obtained one of the National Prizes of Educational Research in the call 2000-2002.

Its field of preferential work focuses on materials and didactic resources in both printed and digital format. Its publications, courses, lectures, training activities, as well as the research projects that it directs and of which it forms part are inscribed in this field. He participated in several interdisciplinary working groups in the Galician community, developing materials for educational centers, municipalities, associations and rural schools.

It promoted the EducaCompostela Prizes for Educational Resources through which it is intended to give recognition to the educational materials that for their value and interest can contribute to the educational development of Galicia, favoring innovation, quality in education and pedagogical renewal. He participated in projects and gave lectures and seminars related to this topic at national and international level. In addition to the subjects related to the mentioned domains, it is currently dedicated to the study of the meaning of materials in socio-community contexts and in the rural school. It is part of Ribeter ( (Ibero-American Network of Education in Rural Territories).

He is a member of the Pedagogical Renewal Movement "Nova Escola Galega", Director of the Galician Magazine of Education and Member of the Cavila Group (Research Group of educational materials - Nova Escola Galega) In 2015 he was appointed Collegiate of Honor by College of Educators and Social Educators of Galicia. It is part of the working group of Nova Escola Galega that organizes annually the International Seminar of Evaluation of Didactic Materials and the days about the didactic materials in Galicia (

He is currently president of IARTEM ( (International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media).