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1- Technology and education:

  • Integration of technology in the educational institutions.
  • Digital Competence.
  • Social networks in teaching, e-learning and auto/socio regulated learning.
  • Digital Repositories of teaching materials. Open Educative Resources (OER).
  • Computational  thinking and learning of programming.
  • Learning analytics.
  • Educational resources and teaching materials in different institutional contexts: schools, municipality, etc. and for various levels: pre-school, primary education, secondary education, university, elder people.
  • Video games in teaching: serious games and gamification.
  • Smart cities and community work.
  • Textbooks (analytics and digital)

 2-Instruction and professional development: training and professional development of teachers of different educational levels. (primary, secondary and university):

  • The starter period and the professional growth of new teachers.
  • Analysis of the needs in formation. Preparation of teachers for multicultural contexts.
  • Educational reforms and training and professional development.
  • Teaching in the university.
  • Professional development of physical education and sports teachers.
  • Beliefs and professional knowledge of teachers.

3-Socio-educative inclusion:

  • Digital inclusion.
  • Integration of romani communities.
  • school-leaving and socio-educative inclusion.