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During the IARTEM 2023 International Conference, which took place in Santiago de Chile from August 30 to September 1, the research team of Stellae Usc Group played a vital role. They presented significant works, shared knowledge in the international education sphere, and even chaired the opening ceremony, as in the case of Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez, the Iartem representative for Ibero-America.

One of the most notable aspects of this event was the presentation of the "Guidelines for Good Practices for Families and Educators: Recommendations for the Use of Technology in Early Childhood Education." This initiative was introduced by Silvia López Gómez, who showcased one of the resources originating from the national project "Digital Didactic Materials in Early Childhood Education: Analysis and Proposals for Their Use in School and Home" (RTI2018-093397-B-I00). The guide was presented virtually and asynchronously and represents a valuable resource for those involved in early childhood education, providing guidelines for the proper use of technology in this educational stage.

In addition to this presentation, members of the Stellae Group also actively participated in various lectures, roundtable discussions, and communications that covered topics such as digital curriculum materials, the use of artificial intelligence tools in the development of educational materials, gender in the selection of educational materials, and the accreditation of digital teaching competence, among many others.

Examples of these contributions included:

  • "Artificial Intelligence Tools and Their Applications in the Development of Educational Materials: Initial Proposal for Teachers" (Silvia López and Jesús Rodríguez).
  • "An Unexpected Journey through the APS Methodology" (Ana Rodríguez Guimeráns, Andrea Rodríguez Quelle, and Antía Cores Torres).
  • "Training of Galician Teachers in Musical Didactic Materials in Primary Education" (Antía Cores Torres).
  • "The Influence of Gender on the Training, Selection, and Use of Educational Materials" (Tania Caamaño Liñares, Andrea Rodríguez-Quelle, Ana Rodríguez Guimeráns, and Nerea Rodríguez Regueira).
  • "Accreditation of Digital Teaching Competence: A Comparative Analysis in Context" (Nerea Rodríguez Regueira, Tania Caamaño Liñares, Andrea Rodríguez-Quelle, Ana Rodríguez Guimeráns).
  • Presentation of various books, including "Infanci@ digit@l: Digital Educational Resources in Early Childhood Education," the "Galega de Educación" magazine, and "Video Games in School, University, and Sociocommunity Contexts" (Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez).

The outstanding presence and active participation of the Stellae Usc team in this international conference reaffirm the group's commitment to research and the improvement of educational quality. These contributions and knowledge exchanges contribute to the constant evolution of educational practices and the promotion of quality education.



Silvia López Gómez presenting "Guide to good practices for families and teachers. Recommendations for the use of technology in Early Childhood Education" in a telematic way.


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Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez in the inaugural act of IARTEM`23


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Ana Rodríguez Guimeráns presenting the various reports that participated



Don't miss the opportunity to explore the various contributions, including the Guidelines for Good Practices for Families and Educators: Recommendations for the Use of Technology in Early Childhood Education and the video presentation of the guide at the conference.

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